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 "The Jester and The Joker"

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PostSubject: "The Jester and The Joker"   Thu Jun 17, 2010 9:28 am

The Joker and The Jester

Move faster
No backward glance
future lays itself before us
and we dig our graves
in this utopia we created

What do we leave this world?
this silent age
yet the noise makes us live
our bloody wars
we are the joke of human existence

Worshiping idols
bestowing this false sense of security
brainwashing children
our future
our demise

Seek this silence
set it free
speak these words unspoken
let joker seek jester
and place your name inside the hat
existence is futile
so when it's drawn don't look back

The city lights
lives based around them
to be lost like water
running down the gutter
how suiting for our
sub-standard existence
final rest approaches
and the universe won't even notice
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Nick "SoaS" Morouney

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PostSubject: Re: "The Jester and The Joker"   Thu Jun 17, 2010 9:39 am

Did you send these to me before? Because they seem really familiar. I rather enjoy your lyrics, I feel they entail such deep meaning
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"The Jester and The Joker"
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